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What is Sketchle?

Scientific Publication

Explaining, Structured, Methodological


Not Published, Creative, Artistic, Intuitive

Articles + Sketches= SKETCHLE

Explaining, Creative,

Intuitive, Methodological

Any form, information, process, theory can be explained better in sketchle format. Articles are lineer. On the other hand sketchle are non-lineer and holistic. Sketchle inspire author & reader, helps them to boost their creativity and change their perspective.

Sketchle Publishing Process

Any kind of research;  laboratory studies, post-graduate studies (dissertations, assignments, projects), social studies, undergraduate assignments & projects;


Write a 1000-3000 words extended abstract;







*Further Research



You might suggest your own sketches. We highly encourage authors to do. When your abstract received, editorial board evaluate your abstract and forward it to peer review.


After the peer review, our illustrators convert your abstract into sketchle format (if you don’t suggest any visual).


Extended abstract;


*must be in English

*must not exceed 3000 words

*must contain

*short summary






*further research

*references (APA style)



might contain your own sketches if not our illustrator team illustrate your abstract.


Your finished sketchle send back to you for your approval & feedback. Then sketchle published.

Sketchle Promotional Video (Turkish)