Guidance Guidance Through Empathy: Are You An Architecture Student?

Havva Alkan Balaa

aDepartment of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Çukurova University, Adana, Turkey


Keywords: Architectural Education, Empathy in Education, Being Architecture Student, Digital Education, Thinking Visual


Architecture deals with not only visible concrete values but also invisible abstract concepts. This nature of architecture liberates its education in the context of its tools, methods and relationships and renders it unique. It is observed that high school students in Turkey, who go through a multiple-choice based education system, have difficulty in thinking through visual images and imagining. When the basic and widespread problems are presented through empathy two groups of suggestions can be made. The first group of suggestions that provide solutions to the problems are about the mental transformation. The second group is behavioral and performative activities. It should be emphasized to the prospective architects during their  undergraduate education that the school is not the place where ways are found, but rather where they are taught how to find them. The question of how to prepare architectural education for the digital age is also important.

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