Tradition To Innovation Through Architectural Space: A Case Study On Turgut Cansever

Özge Kandemira, Özlem Mumcu Uçara

aDepartment of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Eskişehir Technical University, Eskişehir, Turkey


Keywords: Modernism, Tradition, Innovation, Turgut Cansever, Aga Khan Awards


This study aims to reveal the spatial interpretations born of tradition and headed for new in a world where modern thought still influences the way space is handled. Reaching a contemporary synthesis with innovative approaches by realizing social values on a local scale seems a potential. Here, tradition is considered as an indispensable source of contemporary expansions for the future with its original historical data of the past. Reaching original works in the fields of design requires going beyond the formal approach, which includes global repetitions disconnected from context and tracking historical clues forming the tradition. It is seen that the repetitions of the past forms today cannot function as a dynamic synthesis. Thus primarily starting point should be intellectual production instead of formal production. So, architect-intellectual Turgut Cansever, aiming the change, transformation, the forward-thinking, and known for his thoughts never conceding his dissenting identity, constitutes the sample of this study. Cansever, following Western thought's footsteps, but positing against the context reproducing it formally, is considered essential. Therefore he is evaluated with his intellectual background to create the original, and his projects deserved the Aga Khan Award.

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