Parametric Design in Interior Applications in Terms of Design and Ease of Production; The Example of Parawave

Mehmet Ali Altına, Aykut Kasapoğlub

aDepartment of Interior Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Eskişehir Technical University, Eskişehir, Turkey

bDepartment of Interior Design, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey



Keywords: Parametric, Design, Algorithm, Interior


In today's rapidly developing technology; computers have become indispensable tools in many art, design and engineering fields. Computers' ability to communicate with production machines bring speed, precision and stability to production processes. The parametric design concept provides maximum efficiency from the computer's potential, and the designer has great benefits in many processes, from design to production. This scope of work; the concept and history of parametric design has been addressed. Within the Parawave application; the problems encountered in the process from design to the last minute of the application and the solutions to the problems of parametric design have been experienced and explained.



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