Demolition as a Sociological Concept in Architecture

Gülçin Erdaşa, Fatih Semercib,

aPhD Programme in Architecture, Institute of Science, Necmettin Erbakan University

bDepartment of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Necmettin Erbakan University




Keywords: Demolition, Psychological Aspect of Demolition, Architectural Sociology, Memory, Constructing-Demolishing


Architecture is a discipline whose sociological aspect is as important as its technical and aesthetic aspects. The architectural duality of constructing and demolishing can be assessed from a technical and aesthetic perspective but a sociological approach is still needed to thoroughly understand this duality. Building or constructing may be associated with sociological reasons or mostly with the process of meeting an essential need but demolishing is largely a sociological and psychological phenomenon. The demolitions that are often mentioned in the current architectural agenda, vandals’ actions, decisions on terminating the collective memory and corruption in the social awareness require finding a meaningful answer to the question “why do people construct and demolish later?”


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